Rolling Around

Test your skill to push a ball along the dotted path.

Get rated for the percent of the path you can match.

Just hold your finger next to the ball and push toward the ball to move it in the direction away from your finger. Just pretend you were pushing a marble on a table and push it from the side. Select a light or heavy ball by clicking on the Kilogram weight icon.

Get scored on how close your path matches the target dotted line. Earn up to three stars per level. Get a 100% match and earn a diamond. Use diamonds in the store to get special balls and more.

Be careful of objects in your path. Your ball will bounce off other objects, roll off hills, get repulsed by magnets, or get lost in a black hole.

Rolling Around Version 1.5 supports iMessage

Challenge your friends to play Rolling Around one-on-one in iMessage text messages

Each of you gets a turn to match the same random path. After both players have played, you'll find out each players scores and who won. Time for a rematch! Level up in the full game to get higher levels in your iMessage challenges.