Bug Army

Meet Granny...

Granny has gathered her fellow bugs on a quest to reach the food. However there are bubble sprayers and pellet guns that are targeting her and her bugs along the way. This has the makings of a Tower Defense game.

...WAIT...Hold Up... Granny Beetle is the heroin. So this is a Reverse Tower Defense game.

Presenting Granny's Bug Army. First you have your general Army beetle bugs. The Army bugs have assembled in formation, but left gaps in an odd pattern.

Granny asks you to insert the remaining bugs into the spaces left behind.

There are green Beetles, inch Worms, and she's asked her friends the Bees to join in the quest. Each of them are joining in groups of one, two, three or four bugs.

Click on the square close to the moving bugs to create an echo noise to cause the bugs to turn towards it.

Can you insert each group into the remaining spaces without leaving any empty spaces?

Granny has a bit of advice... some levels have multiple solutions so consider the placement of slower or faster bugs.

Once you've assembled your Bug Army the quest for the food begins.

Each of the bugs have their own relative Speed, Health, Shell, and Push. And you can earn coins on each level and buy power-ups for each bug. Speed means how fast the bug can move past the towers. Health determines how many hits a bug can take. Shell is how much of a hit a bug can deflect. And Push is how much one bug will speed up the bug in front of them.

As would be expected, the green Beetle is faster and healthier than the Army bug. And the Bee is faster than all the others. The Worm moves along at its own slow pace. And Granny is very healthy.

The towers grow a little stronger with each level. They can shoot faster and hurt more and shoot farther. Power-up your bugs often to counter the tower strength. Towers can shoot ten shots before they have to reload.

The tower defense part of each level operates automatically. Change the camera angle to watch your Bug Army reach the food.

Granny has one last trick under her shell. Click any of the tower guns and use your coins to Damage the tower causing less damage to your bugs for the remainder of the level.

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