Pad Hopper

Hoppy is far away from nature and has found himself in a metal jungle. Hoppy can jump from metal pad to pad like it's second nature.

Can you help Hoppy get to the top of this metal jungle?

LOOK OUT!!! There are fireballs being dropped from above. The fireballs appear to be rolling down from one pad to the next. Be sure and keep Hoppy away from the fireballs or you'll lose a turn.

Each level will provide unique challenges. There are pads missing from each level that make it harder to avoid the fireballs.

As the levels go on, you have the opportunity to earn prize balls. The prizes include extra lives and other feature items you can use with each level.

The Shield prize can be used at the start of a level. The shield gives Hoppy a layer of water that can save him from contact with a fireball. But when water meets fire the shield will evaporate.

The +1 Pad prize adds a Pad into a missing spot in the level which can help you pick a different path to avoid the fireballs.

Use the +2, +3, and +5 Pad prizes in later levels where there are lots of missing pads.

Hoppy loves to hop. Help Hoppy reach the top of each level.

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